Our Mission


To provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating Islamic learning environment that enables students to achieve their maximum educational potential, and prepare them for their future roles in society as responsible citizens.


Universal School’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that education is a process which encompasses all the experiences students encounter in their school. Classroom instruction is only one small aspect of a child’s educational experience. It is also rooted in the belief that students learn from the behavior and actions of the adults around them more than they learn from books. Finally, it is rooted in the belief that children’s knowledge and pride in their religion and heritage is key to their well-being and success in the world. As such, the board of directors has strived to ensure that the administration and the teaching staff are qualified educators, who themselves are observant of Islamic values in their own lives.

It is fruitless in education to ask children to adhere to anything unless role models exist around them, showing not only that adherence to these ideals is possible, but also that direction, stability, peace, and happiness cannot be achieved otherwise. Universal School believes that being a Muslim is synonymous with excellence in every area. To that end, academic excellence is expected and pursued as part of our religious duties. Our effort to establish an Islamic ethos in the school does not interfere with the establishment of a challenging academic program. In fact, both efforts must go hand-in-hand for us to be able to claim that ours is a model Islamic school.