Early Childhood

Mrs. Soomaya Mohamed
Mrs. Amal Mohamed
Mrs. Dowua Abed
Mrs. Halema Ghannam
Mrs. Amina Jaber
Mrs.Rana Safi
Mrs. Eman Aburezeq
Mrs. Wafa Saleh
Mrs. Fatima Mizyed
Walaa Malik
Ranya Jarad
Mrs. Ameera Issa
Ms. Shahid Ahmad
Mrs. Randa Daoud
Mrs. Salwa Aref
Mrs. Aicha Amrouch

Elementary and Middle School

Mrs. Vyan Alkurdi
Mrs. Ayesha Beg
Ms. Dunia Ibrahim
Ms. Marwa Abed
Ms. Amani Rizek
Ms. Sidrah Abushaer
Mrs. Boshra Hussein
Mrs. Alaa Abdelrasoul
Mrs. Amna Bouraoui
Mrs. Ghada abualhawa
Mrs. Nora Murrar
Mrs. Mervet Dissi
Mrs. Ruba Akel
Mr. Jameel Karim
Ms. Amira Daoud
Mrs. Karen Danielson

High School

The English department offers basic and advanced courses, which include Grammar, Writing, regular English, and Journalism. The advanced course of AP language and comprehension, and AP Literature are taught at the junior and senior levels. In each of the four years of high school, students build upon the foundation of reading and writing skills. The emphasis on writing with vocabulary development and enrichment in the language phase of studies enables students to think clearly, to write terse prose, and to articulate their thoughts in a comprehensible manner and in a style appropriate to the audience and task. The language phase stresses grammar, usage, various composition styles, and punctuation. As students progress, emphasis shifts from basic composition to specific genres of writing and writing styles, including research writing, comparison and contrast writing, expository writing, descriptive writing, and journalistic writing. The literature phase focuses on the classical literature that forms the bedrock of English letters, and on modern writers addressing issues of modern life. Students will discuss literary concepts and terminology, and will learn the basic skills of critical reading and writing. This exposure is essential for college entrance examination success. Honors courses are available in 10th – 12th grade. AP is offered in the junior and senior levels.


Danya Damra
Mrs. Mervet Dissi
Mrs. Karen Danielson
Mrs. Nathira Khudeira
Ms. Amar Krad
Mrs. Dalal Askar
Mrs. Deanna Othman
Ms. Mariam Kudaimi
Dr. Amanda Razeq
Assistant Principal/English Department Head

Courses offered in the math department may include Consumer Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-calculus/Trigonometry, and AP Calculus. Each course is a challenging and sequential offering designed to develop the aptitude and analytical background of each pupil. Geometry is flexible in the sequence and offers a visual and conceptual view of mathematics. Students are offered the option of taking Algebra I in the 8th grade to complete the curriculum with Calculus as a senior. Honors courses are offered in some levels.


Mrs. Wafa Shalabi
Ms. Manar Ihmud
Mrs. Rosemary Sahloul
Mrs. Rashikah Hamayel
Mrs. Lana Mahairi
Math Department Head

Each course covers the events, movements, patterns, scholars in the field, and leaders within the range of the specific topic. Each class will study the following themes: political institutions, economic changes, religious beliefs, and socio-cultural elements. Students read, compare, and analyze the flow of history and the writing of history. Each course is a survey of a specific period, with World History and American History required. Honors courses and specialized studies of various eras or regions are made available at different times and may include Islamic history, general geography, world geography. AP courses are also offered at the junior and senior levels.


Mrs. Dalila Benameur
Academic Counselor
Mrs. Fida Zoubeidi
Ms. Fatima Alhiari
Mrs. Uzma Nazeer

The science department includes a state of the art laboratory and offers basic and advanced courses, which may include Physical Science, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, Environmental Science, and Physics. The advanced courses vary from year to year and include the following, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science and AP Physics and these are taught at the junior or senior levels. Each student is responsible for reading assigned material, applying the scientific method, and researching special topics. Lectures, laboratory periods, and demonstrations are the primary media use in instruction. Middle School science preparation is essential for success in the Universal High School science curriculum. Students are encouraged to take the full high school science curriculum.


Mrs. Farheen Hussain
Ms. Salam Musleh
Mrs. Hanan Habibeh
Mrs. Samina Syed
Mrs. Rashikah Hamayel
Dr. Linda Hamadeh
Assistant Principal

Students start to learn typing at the early age classes and by middle school and high school, students are able to work on HTML and web design. Throughout their elementary and middle school year, our students learn the basic Microsoft programs: Excel, Power Point, Access, Word and later on, they are introduced to Dreamweaver and Photoshop.


Mrs. Lama Ismail
Mr. Mohamad Yaman Rifai
IT Director


High School students take 4 years of Arabic. The objectives of high school Arabic are to develop conversational Arabic, to build a sufficient vocabulary, and to learn the rudiments of Arabic grammar. These skills are to be applied to the reading of the Qur’an and to the understanding of its content.


Ms. Rabab Mohammed
Somia Nashwan
Mr. Mustafa Alkholi
Mrs. Maysa Mansour
Mrs. Fatima Khalil
Mr. Abdelrazek Elghawaby
Mr. Almotazbellah Alabd
Arabic Department Chair
Mr. Moath Alshanti
Mrs. Howyda Ragab
Mrs. Asma Atek
Mrs. Samira Dissi
Mrs. Jemana Martini
Mrs. Turfa Taha
Mr. Ayman Kheder

Four years of Islamic studies offer students knowledge of Islam’s system of belief, practice, and history. Students are expected to demonstrate the values of Islam in their daily interactions. Behavior and attitude reflect identity. The primary objective of Islamic studies is to firmly root students in a Muslim-American identity that expresses itself in their speech, character and actions. Islamic studies offer students an opportunity to discuss the issues and dilemmas they face as members of their community.

At the high school level, students are asked to read excerpts from the Sirah of the Prophet and discuss them. A geography and history of the Muslim World component, discussing its movements and leaders, its successes and shortcomings, and its current challenges within the value system of Islam, is offered to upper-level students. The daily prayer experience, Friday congregational prayers, and khutbah avail students of an opportunity to draw closer to Allah. The English language is the primary language of instruction and of texts for reading.

Qur’anic study adds the vital link of Qur’an to the school’s Islamic curriculum. The course includes memorization, tajwid recitation, basic understanding of the text, and discussion of the particular times related to revelation. Students gain an appreciation for the value of the Qur’an in their daily lives, for the miracle of the Quran’s revelation, and the preservation of its original text.


Mr. Mustafa Alkholi
Mr. Jameel Karim
Mrs. Karen Danielson
Mrs. Nathira Khudeira
Mrs. Rania Salama
Mrs. Maysa Mansour
Mrs. Huda Ata
Mr. Abdelrazek Elghawaby
Mr. Almotazbellah Alabd
Arabic Department Chair
Mr. Moath Alshanti

The physical education department encourages students to take charge of their fitness and physical well being. Exercise can help students to develop good habits at an early age. Also, the school desires to help students to grow and improve physically, socially and mentally. Students utilize the athletic facility for organized exercise, stamina, and fitness testing. Physical Education is concerned with the teaching of skills, attitudes and theories in physical activity. The purpose of the physical education department at Universal School is to provide students with the opportunity to experience and participate in a variety of physical and health activities which help meet their individual needs. All students are required to earn at least two credit hours of Physical Education/Health prior to graduation.


Nicole Williams
Mr. Adam Musa
Athletic Director
Mrs. Terri Langellier