Course Offering


Different Directions

Our expansion project brought us more than new class rooms. As we move classes into the new building we are also happy to add new courses and expectations to our well established, challenging curriculum and programs.

The new building has added a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) lab and STEAM classes for 4th through 7th grade, art club after school, and Lego Robotics Rookie Team in Middle School.

Arabic Mr. Alabd High School students take 4 years of Arabic. The objectives of high school Arabic are to develop conversational Arabic, to build a sufficient vocabulary, and to learn the rudiments of Arabic grammar. These skills are to be applied to the reading of the Qur'an and to the understanding of its content.
Computer Science Mr. Farid Students start to learn typing at the early age classes and by middle school and high school, students are able to work on HTML and web design. Throughout their elementary and middle school year, our students learn the basic Microsoft programs: Excel, Power Point, Access, Word and later on, they are introduced to Dreamweaver and Photoshop.
English Mrs. Jarad The English department offers basic and advanced courses, which include Grammar, Writing, regular English, and Journalism. The advanced course of AP language and comprehension, and AP Literature are taught at the junior and senior levels. In each of the four years of high school, students build upon the foundation of reading and writing skills.
Islamic Studies Mr. khudeira Four years of Islamic studies offer students knowledge of Islam's system of belief, practice, and history. Students are expected to demonstrate the values of Islam in their daily interactions. The primary objective of Islamic studies is to firmly root students in a Muslim-American identity that expresses itself in their speech, character and actions.
Mathematics Mrs. Sahloul Courses offered in the math department may include Consumer Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-calculus/Trigonometry, and AP Calculus. Each course is a challenging and sequential offering designed to develop the aptitude and analytical background of each pupil. Geometry is flexible in the sequence and offers a visual and conceptual view of mathematics.
Physical Education Mr. Musa The physical education department encourages students to take charge of their fitness and physical well being. Exercise can help students to develop good habits at an early age. Also, the school desires to help students to grow and improve physically, socially and mentally. Students utilize the athletic facility for organized exercise, stamina, and fitness testing.
Science Dr. Hamadeh The science department includes a state of the art laboratory and offers basic and advanced courses, which may include Physical Science, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, Environmental Science, and Physics. The advanced courses vary from year to year and include the following, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science and AP Physics.
Social Studies Ms. Benameur Each course covers the events, movements, patterns, scholars in the field, and leaders within the range of the specific topic. Each class will study the following themes: political institutions, economic changes, religious beliefs, and socio-cultural elements. Students read, compare, and analyze the flow of history and the writing of history.