Open Position

Universal School
Classroom Teacher’s Job Description

Educational Requirements:

Minimum educational level: Bachelors Degree
Certification/Licensing: Valid Illinois Teacher’s Certificate

Reports To:
Principal; Assistant Principal

Required Knowledge, skills and abilities:

Basic understanding of children’s emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs.
Willingness to openly communicate with administration, students, staff and school community.
Ability to weigh options, think clearly and evaluate.
Ability to deal with multiple tasks and to organize effectively.
Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
Ability to develop and maintain positive and effective working relationships with administration, students, staff and the school community.
Ability to handle classroom situations with fairness and patience.
Ability to meet student needs, deal with student problems and maintain effective discipline.
Ability to employ a variety of instructional strategies that connect the curriculum to the learners
Ability to plan and supervise the work of others.

Job Goal:
To provide appropriate instruction in a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning
for all students assigned.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
I. Planning and Preparation for Instruction:
To provide instruction consistent w/curriculum for assigned subject area/grade level.
To utilize various instructional materials; videos/overheads/graphic organizers etc.
To plan and implement appropriate instructional activities.
To prepare for classes assigned and show evidence of effective lesson planning

II. Instructional Delivery:
To demonstrate a well-prepared and organized approach to teaching.
To connect lessons to students’ prior knowledge and/or interests.
To clearly explain concepts, terms, vocabulary, principles.
To provide appropriate guided and independent practice.
To demonstrate mastery of subject area(s) & use accurate, up-to-date information
To demonstrate an understanding of student development.
To use varied teaching strategies and questioning techniques.

III. Assessment and Evaluation of Student Performance:
To communicate regularly with students and parents about student progress.
To collect and use multiple sources of information to assess student learning.
To use assessment results to guide and modify instructional planning and teaching.
To practice fair and clear grading of student work.
To carefully plan and vary student assignments.
To employ a variety of evaluation techniques.
To return all tests within three school days.
To return all class work, and homework and quizzes within two school days.
To return all projects within five school days.

IV. Classroom Management:
To utilize time efficiently and effectively.
To maintain classroom order and control.
To require and monitor student adherence to rules and procedures.
To use verbal and nonverbal skills to control student conduct.
To stop inappropriate behavior using reasonable sanctions.
To maintain classroom procedures/routines that support student learning.

V. Classroom Learning Environment:
To ensure active and equitable student participation.
To vary role in teaching process (facilitator, coach, instructor).
To establish and maintain mutually respectful student-teacher interactions.
To establish and maintain appropriate standards of performance.
To arrange furniture/equipment to facilitate movement/learning.
To maintain an attractive, age-appropriate & child-centered classroom environment.

VI. Communication:
To indicate confidence in students’ ability to learn.
To consistently express enthusiasm verbally and nonverbally.
To use positive verbal language and positive nonverbal cues.
To demonstrate respect, concern and consideration for all students.
To avoid emotional outbursts, ridicule, sarcasm and derogatory statements.
To use vocabulary and style appropriate to level of students.
To use appropriate Islamic terms and display Islamic etiquette.

VII. Professional Growth and Responsibilities:
To pursue and participate in professional growth opportunities.
To use ideas from books, websites, colleagues etc. to improve teaching.
To initiate activities and projects in the school.
To share expertise, new ideas, materials and resources with colleagues.
To participate in shared-decision making in the school.
To be punctual for school, classes, meetings etc.
To maintain an accurate, organized, up-to-date record keeping system.
To support policies/procedures when dealing with students/parents.
To maintain confidentiality in matters relating to students/school/parents.
To show respect, interest and consideration for colleagues and parents.
To adjust plans and schedule to accommodate programs/activities.
To participate in school-related functions when appropriate.
To adhere to school policies, rules, curriculum and content standards.
To cooperate with administration in applying changes to program.
To work to establish & maintain open lines of communication with students/parents.
To work to establish & maintain open lines of communication with Administration.
To make proper use of professional planning times.
To show care for instructional materials and resources.
To accept constructive criticism & follow up on actions for improving performance.
To demonstrate loyalty to the school.
To demonstrate loyalty to the colleagues.
To demonstrate loyalty to the administration
To perform routine duties and tasks with little or no direct supervision.
To participate in extracurricular activities and/or serve on designated committees.
To display a professional image in conduct and appearance.
To select appropriate channels for resolving concerns and/or problems.
To meet school attendance requirements.
To recognize problems and actively contribute to their resolutions.
To take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students.
To accept & fulfill instructional duties & responsibilities promptly & effectively.
To communicate and cooperate with colleagues in instructional planning.
To establish procedures consistent with school policies.