Lexicon Challenge


Lexicon Challenge 2015

The Lexicon Challenge is a competition for students who are interested in improving their vocabulary or testing their vocabulary knowledge. The competition involves studying an extensive list of words and memorizing the synonym and antonym of each word. The list of words for 9th -12th grade has not changed over the years. Students entering the competition in 9th grade can possibly receive the same word if they enter the competition in 10th , 11th, or 12th. There are over 700 words to study, so serious students can begin studying over the summer, or even the year before!

The first step is to study. It also helps to be an avid reader, but that is not a  requirement. The second step is to take the quiz which will qualify the top ten students in grades 9th-12th  .  Students with a B or above in English can sign up to take the quiz. The sign up sheet is posted outside room 205.  The Universal School Calendar provides the date for the Final Lexicon Challenge.  The final step is to participate in the final round which is traditionally held in our school library. Monetary awards are presented to the winners. The guidelines and rules are posted on Universal School’s website under “Competitions.”

The following link contains the High School Lexicon Challenge Guidelines:

Challenge Guidelines

Word Lists

Middle School

High School