High School students take 4 years of Arabic. The objectives of high school Arabic are to develop conversational Arabic, to build a sufficient vocabulary, and to learn the rudiments of Arabic grammar. These skills are to be applied to the reading of the Qur’an and to the understanding of its content.


Asma Atek
Mrs Atek joined Universal School in 2007 as a part time Arabic teacher. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Studies from National University in California. Mrs. Atek had taught Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies during Universal School’s Saturday School for the last few years, and taught Tajweed and Quran for adults as well. Mrs. Atek has an advanced course in Tajweed certification and more than seven years of teaching experience prior to coming to Universal.

Samira Dissi
Mrs. Dissi joined Universal school in 1997. She graduated from Al-Quds University in Jerusalem with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Literature.  She started at Universal as a substitute teacher and as a teacher’s aide for early elementary grades. She continues with Universal as a full-time Arabic teacher. Mrs. Dissi is certified by the State of Illinois as a Bilingual teacher.

Abdelrazek Elghawaby
Mr. Elghawaby joined Universal School in 2010. Mr. Elghawaby works in our Arabic Department. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages and Translation and Islamic Studies fro Al-Azhar University in Cairo-Egypt.

Jemana Martini
Mrs. Martini joined Universal School in 1997. She holds a Degree from Syria. She taught at Ibrahim Hanano in Syria for three years and at Jameelah Bohayned for three years. Mrs. Martini is certified to teach Arabic and Islamic Studies.  She has a Degree in Education from the Open American University.  She taught Arabic and Islamic Studies for two years at Al Noor School in New York, two years at the Sister Clara Muhammad School, and two years at Brooklyn Cultural Center in New York City.

Turfa Taha
Mrs. Taha joined Universal School in 1992. Mrs. Taha completed Math courses and one year course in Administration in Kwait. She taught in Kuwait at al-Nahdah School for six years, and subsequently became an assistant principal at the same school and held that position for eleven years. She was a principal of the Quran School in Kuwait for a year, and taught for three years at Al-Qassam weekend school. Mrs. Taha worked also for a year at Al-Huda School and at Universal Saturday school for two years.

Ahmed Hassan
Mr. Hassan joined Universal School in 2016