School Council

Full Time School Council (FTSC)

FTSC is responsible for the administration of the full time school (FTS), implementation of
the educational plans, preparation of the FTS budget and raising funds for the budgeted
expenditures, to include at least 70 percent of the operation and maintenance expenses of the
building facilities.

An FTSC shall consist of 9 members as follows:

  1. five members appointed by the MCC board for a 2-year staggered term, such that three and two members are appointed in each alternating year; the Council Chair appointed from these 5 members by the MCC board.
  2. two members elected by the FTS parents, under the auspices of the Parent Support Group (PSG) such that one (1) member is elected every year; the structure and role of the PSG has been determined by the Board.
  3. one teachers’ representative, elected by the teachers;
  4. the principal.


Current Members
Musarrat Khan
musarratjk@aol.comHabeeb Quadri |
Kashif Putawala |
Thazneem Faiz|
Tariq Laliwala |
Nayyer Omar |
Silvat Sheikh |
Sazzad Nasir |
Urooj Ibrahim |